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The Report Builder is an interactive feature of By the Numbers that makes it easy for you to customize our information to meet your needs and interests. You can choose the data elements you need and how these will appear in your report. After selecting data elements, filters allow you to further segment data for the report.

Start building your own unique report by following the steps below.

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Step 1: Select data elements

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  • - Checkboxes allow you to choose which data elements will appear in your report.
  • More information icon - Info icons give a description of a data element.
  • Filter element icon - Filters allow you to choose values to filter from your report.

A lost time claim is created when a worker suffers a work-related injury/disease which results in being off work past the day of accident, loss of wages/earnings, or a permanent disability/impairment.

Claim Detail

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Worker Detail

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Step 2: Choose measure

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Step 3: Organize layout

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Please note that reports generated by the Report Builder tool are governed by Ontario's Open Data Directive. The Report Builder tool itself and all other aspects of the website are not subject to the Open Data License and continue to be governed by the website Terms of Use.

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